Karen Fleischmann is an international model, actress, host and ambassador. her international career  startet 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa. Her unique international look and her beautiful being inside out are the ingredients to her successful model career. Authenticity and transparency are her trademarks. Sustainability is her aim. Today she counts several top brands to her clients and is also asked as an ambassador and influencer. The international top fashion magazine L'OFFICIEL Switzerlad loves Karen's lifestyle and took her under contract.  As an ambassador for Marie Jo,  Valser, Gwand, Calida Karen stands in for top qualitybrands with a unique style and strong message. 

"We all came to the point where we are together. Now it's time to step one or more steps back together."

"Sustainability is actually living in full aware - and consciousness."

"No. Nobody is perfect. And nobody should safe this planet on it's own. We all are ment to make small steps and

dedications wich lead big and positive changes."

contact: info@karenfleischmann.com                                                                                                                                                                                    booking: karen@yxterix.com          

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