sustainable brand ambassador zalando '20/'21

I do support sustainable fashion brands since 2015. I was used to work with small start ups all over the world. 2020 a big shift happened. The BIG players were committing to a more sustainable future. YES!-) Exactly what I always wanted to achieve. Today I'm a sustainable brand ambassador of Zalando. I'm proud to be part of the small steps BIG impact change happening all over the world. 






The last 35 years of my lifetime my fashion style was always basic. A pair of jeans, shirt fancy coat or jacket. That's it. Thank's of Zalando I found a totally new creative side of myself. You see this on this reversible jacket captures. 

I started to love wearing colors and combine them with fancy add ons. Vintage or new. It's a pleasure to find amazing sustainable designers with the same ethic beliefs and goals. The future is slow and fair fashion. I'm proud to be a part of it from the beginning of the movement.


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