Karen started her career as an internationally successful fashion model in 2005.

She's  been actively involved in sustainability, environmental protection and human rights in the fashion industry since 2014

and thus became one of the first sustainability activists on social media world wide.

As a credible role model for an entire generation she's successfully established the hashtags

#greenissexy #reweardocare  in her constant educational work.

Her aim is it to inspire her community of a simple, fair and environmentally conscious lifestyle. 



"let's be the change!"

"buying is like voting with your wallet."

“think globally - act regionally“

"Sustainability is basically living in full awareness and consciousness."

"No. Nobody is perfect. And nobody should safe this planet on its own. We all are meant to make small steps and

dedications which lead to big and positive changes."

contact: info@karenfleischmann.com                                                                                                                                                                                              

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